Benebone Wishbone Chicken Flavour

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The Benebone® Wishbone is our flagship. Since dogs don't have thumbs, why give them a chew that you can pick up and they can't? With real bacon, peanut butter and chicken infused all the way through, your dog's wish is coming true.

So we've been talking a lot about Benebone's tantalizing flavors that will make your dog go bananas. But it's time to talk turkey for a bit. Below are some basic do's and dont's to keep your happy and safe.

Chomp, but Don't Eat:

Benebones are NOT EDIBLE and are NOT TO BE EATEN

Exclusively for Dogs:

We love cats too, but Benebones are for dogs only.

One Size Does Not Fit All:

On each Benebone® we provide guidelines to help you choose a toy for your dog. Our guidelines are for rough reference only. Benebones are not suitable for all dogs.

Benebones are not a perfect fit for all chewers. Benebones are not suitable for dogs that weigh more than our recommended guidelines or for dogs that are strong or aggressive chewers. While very durable, Benebones are also not a fit for chewers who could damage the product or damage their teeth.

Always choose the largest product your dog can handle, even if you have a dog rated for a smaller size. Heavy chewers are encouraged to use the larger products as it is the strongest, thickest product.

Not all dogs have the teeth to withstand aggressive chewing of hard substances such as nylon. Use judgment in evaluating the strength of your dog's chewing and the condition of your dog's teeth. Benebones are also not appropriate for older dogs that may have compromised tooth strength.

Our tiny products are indeed tiny, and need to be kept away from larger dogs so they are not accidentally ingested.

Dog toys with closed holes and irregular shapes have the possibility of getting stuck on a dog's jaw, paw, or other part of their body. Size up your dog and your Benebone® to reduce this risk.

Keep an Eye Out:

A dog's use of Benebone® products should be supervised at all times. A Benebone® should not be within a dog's reach if the owner is unable to supervise chewing.

Replace Frequency:

Watch for wear and replace Benebones frequently to ensure that the product remains whole and intact at all times. Though a rough guide only, Benebones should be discarded if a piece large than a grain of rice has broken off or may break off.

The amount of time it can take a given dog to wear down the product to an unsafe level varies. As a general rule, if the product has lost more than one cubic centimeter of volume (the size of a sugar cube) it is time to replace the product. Monitoring and replacement are essential to your dog's safety. And regardless, the product should be replaced after one month of purchase.

Our puppy products are a bit softer, and need to be monitored very closely. Some puppies can be strong chewers.