Oregapet First Aid Gel

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Used for thousands of years, Oil of Oregano has been "rediscovered".
Recognized as one of the world’s most powerful and useful natural
remedies, Oil of Oregano is scientifically proven to be an effective
treatment against a variety of disease-causing organisms. A powerful
antioxidant1 and anti-inflammatory, Oil of Oregano is a non-toxic and
healthy dietary supplement that can help support your pet’s defence
systems, both inside and out. Viral, fungal, parasitic and bacterial
infections are not only uncomfortable for your pets but pose real
threats to their well-being. Oral and topical First Aid support and
prevention plans are always best to ensure your pet’s health and safety.
Oil of Oregano has no known contra-indications or adverse drug
interactions. It has been successfully used alone and in combination
with conventional treatments.