Pet Kit

Pet Kit Breezy Cat Carrier (Built-in fan and light)

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PETKIT’s breezy cat carrier combines old school pet carrying with comfort and design. Share every journey with your beloved furry friend and take them wherever you go safely, stylishly, and easily. 





Tinted Window:

The tinted viewing panel allows your pet to enjoy the beautiful scenery while being protected and shaded from the harsh sun. 


Shock Reduction System:

The smart shock absorption system is built into the back plate of the backpack and is designed to the force of your pet’s weight on your body and minimize shock from moving around. Specially designed metal plated food pads prevent the bag from falling when placed on the floor. 


Convenient Size:

The widened bottom area is designed to increase surface area for your pet to move around inside, while still being a convenient size to wear and transport.



The intelligent ventilation system allows for smart, automatic air control dependent on the internal temperature of the bag. This keeps the bag comfortable and breathable at all times, and minimizes noise interference.

WEIGHT:  1.4 kg 

DIMENSION  (LWHINCM):  32 x 27 x 44.5

Material:  ABS, PC and Fabric

Pet Type: small animals up to 17 lbs