Pet Kit

Pet Kit Pura Villa Litter Box

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Gone are the days of litter tracking all over your house. We love our cats, but sometimes they leave a little mess behind. No need to stress any longer with the PETKIT PURA VILLA LITTER BOX.


 Nice and Roomy for Cats:

  • The actual toilet area accounts for about 65% of the total product
  • Fits all cats - equal or smaller than 8KGS

 Provides a Safe Space: Accommodates the natural habits of cats by getting into a box that feels both safe and comfortable Especially great shy cats

 Interior Light:

  • Automatically turns ON after 1 second when you open the door.
  • Turns OFF while the door is closed (if the door is not fully closed, it will be OFF after 5 minutes).
  • Light makes it easy to scoop litter at night or check the litter box situation.
  • If the light is on for 5 minutes a day, batteries could be used for six months.

 Easy to Clean: 

  • Detachable design
  • Easy to clean No need to clean the whole villa each time, in most cases you just need to clean the Cat litter basin while changing cat litter.
  • Could install Pura Air odor eliminator (alternative: purchased separately)


Dimensions 518 x 523 x 539mm