Rawz Limited Ingredient Diet Duck Recipe Can for Dogs

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RAWZ® Limited Recipes are made with dogs with food sensitivities in mind. Both recipes contain a limited number of ingredients and a single source of animal protein. Made with 100% rendered free ingredients, your dog can enjoy a complete and balanced diet that supports healthy skin and coat, without additional ingredients that may irritate their sensitive system.

INGREDIENTS: DuckPeasDuck LiverFenugreek SeedsPotassium ChlorideSaltVegetable BrothCholine ChlorideIron ProteinateZinc ProteinateManganese ProteinateCopper ProteinateMagnesium ProteinateSodium SeleniteCalcium IodateVitamin E SupplementThiamine MononitrateNiacin SupplementCalcium PantothenateBiotinVitamin A SupplementRiboflavin SupplementVitamin D3 SupplementVitamin B12 SupplementPyridoxine HydrochlorideFolic Acid.