SOS Uri-Clean Urine Odour Neutralizer

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Uri-Clean is the most effective product on the market for eliminating pet urine odours. This product can be used on: carpets, sofas, mattresses, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, cement, or other flooring.

Advantages :

  • Uri-Clean eliminates pet urine odours
  • Uri-Clean is an odour neutralizer, not a deodorant
  • Uri-Clean neutralizes skunk odours on clothing
  • Made in Canada

Uri-Clean is an innovative product with proven efficacy for over 20 years. Many pet owners, animal hospitals and pet shops use it and recommend it to others. This product is the most effective solution for completely neutralizing pet and human urine odour on carpets, sofas, mattresses, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, concrete and other flooring. Uri-Clean also eliminates skunk odours on clothing, carpets, sofas, etc. This product even eliminates urine odours that have been lingering for months or even years.

Uri-Clean is an odour neutralizer, which kills the odour-causing bacteria – unlike air fresheners that only mask odours temporarily. Uri-Clean neutralizer has the advantage of permanently eliminating urine odour the moment you use it.

Uri-Clean does not stain textiles (clothing, curtains, carpet, sofas) or metal, such as baseboards.

How to use :
Simply spay Uri-Clean on textile, wood or cement surfaces, on clothes, couches or sofas. When urine penetrates a thick carpet, a couch, a cushion, a mattress or a car seat, use a syringe to inject Uri-Clean where the urine is located. If the urine odour is located in a wood flooring or a ceramic floor, use a long nose applicator bottle to ensure that Uri-Clean penetrates well in between the planks of the hardwood, laminate flooring or the joints in between ceramic tiles.