Tri - Natural Flex-All Joint Support Biscuits

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Flex-All Joint support biscuits is an all-natural nutraceutical treat for your dog in the form of a biscuit, specially formulated to maintain and repair animal joints.

Flex-All Biscuits are a revolutionary concept in dog biscuits utilizing a targeted approach that combines a comprehensive, synergistic blend of Nutraceuticals, direct fed microbials, enzymes, plant naturals, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. Each are carefully selected and formulated to relieve symptoms from arthritic conditions, joint stiffness and inflammation.

This all-natural treat also aids by providing maximum support for restoring healthy joint function, fast pain relief, improved mobility, less inflammation and rejuvenation of connective tissue.

Flex-All Biscuits are a delicious way to promote optimal bone and joint health. It is so simple to give to a pet – simply serve as a treat. This delicious vegetarian biscuit is barely distinguishable from a regular dog treat. So simple to administer – it’s a treat that is also a treatment. The biscuit application allows for simple dosage.

The daily dosage should be increased to meet the severity of the health condition and then reduced to a maintenance level once the dog’s health has been restored.