Vetgies Medium Tube Peanut Butter

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Vetgies treats are a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to rawhide. Our treats have NO ANIMAL SKIN! They are made from pumpkin, are high in protein and have no artificial color. We added probiotics for an easy digestion and super yummy aromas that your dog will LOVE! Also, because of its high digestibility and softer texture, Vetgies treats reduce risks of chocking. Let your dog try it and you’ll never think of rawhide again!

Vetgies Tubes are specially designed for gourmet medium sized dogs.


  •  Healthy alternative to cowskin dog chews
  •  Natural & sain ingredients
  •  Delicious & delectable aromas your dogs won't resist
  •  Digestible, probiotic added treats
  •  A1 manufacturing practices mdan Vetiges are made with care & love in highly experienced doggy kitchens.