New Trix

New Trix Dog Halter

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The NewTrix dog halter turns your leash into a communication tool. Let it speak to your dog and your dog will respond – without jerking or choking. The first challenge in using a head halter type training method is to overcome your dog’s natural reluctance to wearing a nosepiece. Dogs love to run free, so it’s only natural that your dog will try to paw the unfamiliar strap from his nose. The NewTrix head halter has been developed with the help of, and endorsed by, many top trainers. Here are some of their tips for a happy walker:

  • Before putting the NewTrix dog halter on your dog, rub it in your hands to give it your scent. With a food treat in your hand, lure him to put his nose through the loop to get the treat. Slip the neck loop over his ears while he is busy chewing. Remove the NewTrix, turn your back and ignore his efforts to get your attention. Place the NewTrix on once again and reward quiet behaviour with treats, touch and praise.
  • Interrupt any efforts to paw at the NewTrix. Distract your dog with a walk, treat or trick. Try to associate the NewTrix with fun, food and friendship. Never use fear or force to control your dog.
  • Make loose leash walking a game. The stop signal for both of you is any tug on the leash. When he stops, be sure to slacken the leash. Make him wait for you, and if he tries to lead, don’t budge. Make your first move forward only if the leash is loose. To make it more fun, be harder to predict by randomly changing speed and direction.
  • Never jerk the leash. Think of it like power brakes, and keep a light touch.
  • If your dog lies down and refuses to move, don’t pull on the leash to drag him along. Remember that the pressure from the leash is a signal to stop. Wait until he is ready. Entice him to come to you and praise him when he does.